Cagbalete Island – Affordable Island Getaway

Looking for an out of town trip with limited time and budget but would offer unlimited adventure and happiness? Cagbalete Island is one of the destination that you should visit.



Being a beach enthusiast, we tried to visit one of the Island in Quezon Province that greatly suit our budget. Cagablete Island is 1,640 hectare Island located at Lamon Bay, Mauban Quezon. It is almost four hours travel from Manila. Here is a simple travel guide for a 43 hours adventure in the Island. Spontaneous trip was really exciting! As always!

Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island is famous for its long seashore during low tide

How to get there:

Cagbalete Island can be visited via Bus or Private Car going to Mauban, Queon and boat from Maubat Quezon to Sabang Port, Cagbalete.

 From Manila to Mauban, Quezon:

Via Private Vehicles:

If you opt to have a road trip using private cars, travel time is approximately 3-4 hours to Mauban Quezon. You can park your cars at Doña Aurora School along Quezon Street or at the Church at the end of Quezon Street. Both parking places have security and parking fee of fifty (50) pesos per day per vehicle.

Via Bus:

Bus to Cagbalete

There are various bus companies (Jac Liner Bus, DLTB, JAM Liner, etc.) having daily trips to and from Lucena, Quezon. From Lucena, you may ride van or buses going to Mauban, Quezon. Last trip from Lucena, Quezon to Mauban is 6:00 pm.

Good news! There’s a direct trip to Mauban, Quezon on Jac Liner Bus. In Cubao, the trip schedule is 5:00 AM and 12 noon which go directly to Mauban, Quezon. Fare is Php 277, not bad for the convenient and smooth 4 hours trip. We arrived at 2:30 am at Jac Liner terminal (Cubao) and waited for few hours for the bus to Mauban. There’s a Mercury drug store near the terminal where we bought some of the stuffs we need for the trip like sunblock, alcohol, wet wipes, chips and canned goods. At around 4 am the bus is open for passengers. It was easily filled and departs at around 4:20 am. Tip: Be early at the terminal. The bus leaves as soon as they filled it with passengers. We had stop over at Lucena Grand Terminal and arrived to Mauban after an hour.

Beach in Cagbalete

Beach in Cagbalete

From Mauban to Cagbalete:

We arrived at around 9:30 am at Mauban and goes directly to the Pantalan (port) to catch the boat going to Cagabalete. Upon arriving at Mauban we rode at tricycle going to the port. Tricycle fare is 10 pesos per person. There’s market near the port where you can buy fresh food and water. We tried some of the famous noodles in Quezon, Pansit  Habhab and Kutsinta perfect combination while waiting for the boat to leave which is scheduled at 10:30 am. The public boat load people and lots of stuffs. They can even load four carabaos. Boat fare is fifty (50) pesos per person. Travel time to Sabang Port is 45 minutes to one hour. There are also private boats available. This is recommended for those who would travel by large groups as the private boats will go straight to the Cagbalete Resorts which you want to stay.

From Cagbalete to Manila:

Since there are few blogs indicating how to get out from Cagbalete Island, we would like to share our stories in going home. There is a public ferry from Sabang Port at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. Make sure to be at the port earlier to avoid to be left by boats. Lac Liner bus schedule from Mauban, Quezon to Cubao is 2:00 pm. Since we arrived at around 2:30 PM, we opt to ride van going to Lucena City. Last trip of van or bus going to Lucena city is 5:30 pm. Van fare is 50 pesos. After an hour we arrived at Lucena Grand Terminal and eat our dinner there. Then we took the bus going to LRT Buendia going home. Bus Fare from Lucena to Buendia is 209 pesos.

TOTAL FARE per person (roundtrip) PhP
Bus Fare from Cubao to Mauban 277
Tricycle from Mauban Bus Terminal to Mauban Port 10
Boat fare From Mauban Port to Sabang Port, Cagbalete 50
Boat fare From Sabang Port to Mauban Port 10
Van fare from Mauban to Lucena Grand Terminal 60
Bus Fare from Lucena to Buendia 209
Grand Total 616


White side in Cagbalete

White side in Cagbalete

Where to Stay:

From Sabang Port to the Resorts:

When we arrived at Sabang Port, we went directly to the carenderia to eat lunch as it is already past noon. Then we met Ate Flor and her friend which directs us to Villa Noe resort. Since we brought our own tent, they recommend that Villa Noe is a good resort for Camping. We followed her for 20 minutes trekking through the back alleys and out into the open bushes. Since, it just rained very hard the past few days, we encountered various thick and sandy mud that needs to be wade through. They assist us to the resort and offer to buy food and fresh fishes and squid for our dinner. We paid 350 pesos at Villa Noe for tent pitching fee since we have our own tent with us. There are clean common toilet and bathroom in the resort.They also lend us stuffs to be used for cooking. We were amazed and challenged as we grilled those fresh fishes and very huge squid. We spent the rest of the day lying on the sand, listen to the waves and good music, planning lives and watching sun set. This is one of my favorite reasons why I love spontaneous getaways.

way to cagbalete

You have to walk in muds on your way to the resorts area. You can also hire boat to go around the island and drop you off at the resort.

Here are some of the list and contact number of the resorts in Cagbalete. Resorts have cottages and facilities perfect for couple, families and barkadas. Please note to call them for advance booking especially when you want to go during summer time. It is also recommendable to bring your own tent. It is more fun and exciting!


Kayaking in Cagbalete

Kayaking in Cagbalete

Cagbalete Resorts

Villa Noe Beach Resort Cagbalete

Villa Noe Beach Resort Cagbalete

Villa Noe Beach

Contact number: 0915 703 2334


MVT Sto. Nino

Contact Number: 0927 777 4828


Villa Cleofas

Contact Number: 0917 814 0496

Pansacola Beach Resort

Contact Number: (042) 784 0158


Dona Choleng Camping Resort

Contact Number: 0998 352 0544


Jovens Beach Resort

Contact Number: 0917 984 8505


cagbalete island low tide

cagbalete island low tide

Boat Stucked in Cagbalete during low tide

Boat Stucked in Cagbalete during low tide

What to do in Cagbalete:

  • You can go trekking around the Island and visit falls.
  • Bird watching.
  • Go kayaking.
  • Rent boat and have a tour other Islands.
  • Walk to the sandbar to Bonsai Island.
  • Play beach volleyball.
  • Watch Sunrise and Sunsets.
  • Cook your own food.
Pancit Habhab in Mauban

Pancit Habhab in Mauban

Seafood in Cagbalete

Giant squid and fish for dinner in Cagbalete


Few Notes:

  • There are mobile signals in the island.
  • There are available fresh water
  • There’s no available electricity. However, the resorts have generator which runs from 6:00 pm till 6:00 am.
  • Locals are very hospitable and friendly.
  • There is no available market in Cagbalete so it’s better to buy at Mauban. However, there are some mini stores for some stuffs.
  • Low tide from noon till afternoon. It is recommended to swim early in the morning.
  • Have fun and enjoy this wonderful beauty of the nature.
Cagbalete Shoreline

Cagbalete Shoreline

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