Do Not Buy Air Asia Hi-Flyer Ticket!

I tried to contact their customer support but all I got was automated replies and no resolution on my issue so I am posting it here.

My story:

I booked hi-flyer from Air Asia thinking the advantages of it most specially rebooking. This started when I did two changes already on my flights. After I tried another change, they are now charging me rebooking fee! I checked my ticket as well as the booking site and information that you can rebook your flight twice only is not there!

See below screenshots.

From Ticket:

From Ticket

From Website(before)

From Booking Website

I use Air Asia often that any other budget airlines here in Philippines. I love their service as well as the cabin crew’s uniform.

All I want is to return my booking to my previous change. Unfortunately, they cannot provide it. I was misinformed, details in their website and ticket is misleading.

Since I got no resolution from Air Asia, I will be filing complaint tomorrow with Civil Aeronatics Board as well as DTI. I believe my passenger rights is being violated.

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